Adult Social Care

I do believe that the pressure on our adult social care system in Dorset is now too great, and that more funding is necessary in order to provide the required care and to reduce pressure on the NHS.

Some of the extra frontline funding will, I hope, be found from reducing the administrative overheads of local authorities in Dorset by creating a single unitary council for rural Dorset in place of the current multitude of councils.

Another part of the necessary funding will no doubt need to be found from increases in council tax, which are currently, and rightly permitted for this purpose.

However, I agree with you that we have reached the point at which additional funding from general taxation will also be necessary for this purpose - and that this will therefore need to be found from reduction in expenditure elsewhere.  I shall therefore be encouraging the Chancellor of the Exchequer to take measures of this sort in his Budget either this year or next year.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.