Thank you for contacting me about the Homelessness Reduction Bill, which of course I fully support.
I wish to congratulate my Conservative colleague, Bob Blackman, with the support of the Government, in bringing the Bill to Parliament. The Bill will provide significant support to those who are about to or have already been made homeless.
As you may be aware, the Bill will place a new duty on councils to support those who are homeless. Councils will be required to help those threatened with homelessness or who are already homeless find a home.
I am glad that the Government is protecting homelessness prevention funding for councils. Central funding to tackle homelessness is also being increased to £139 million and this will include targeted funding for rough sleeping. I should also mention that statutory homelessness is now 57 per cent below its peak in 2003-04 under the previous Labour Government.
The Bill has now been committed to a Public Bill Committee, currently scheduled to meet on the 11th January. This stage must first be completed before any further dates are announced. I will continue to follow the Bill’s progress closely.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.