Conservatives: Supporting our NHS

NHS staff are doing a fantastic job to make sure that people get the treatment they need – especially at this time of year when it’s extremely busy. And here’s some of the things we’re doing in government to support our NHS.

Conservatives: housing the nation

Want to know what we're doing on housing? From building new houses to helping the homeless, here's 5 things you should know about what we're doing to help everyone have a place to call their own.

Blue Passports

The UK passport is an expression of our independence and sovereignty – a document that symbolises our citizenship of a proud, great nation. Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.

Article - West Dorset Carols at Waterloo Station

Brexit -- about the substance of which I have never written, and have no intention of ever writing anything in this column -- has already had many effects on various aspects of our national life; but the main effect for Parliamentarians has been the innumerable hours during which we have debated

Article - Social Media

The advent of social media is of course one of the defining characteristics of our times. It has removed much of the formality and laboriousness that used to be associated with point to multi-point communication.

Article - Budget Week

The past week was Budget week.

In the House of Commons, as in the country as a whole, the Budget counts as a significant event.

Article - Local Government re-organisation

For many months now, we have been waiting for news about whether our County Council would be‎ allowed to merge with West Dorset District Council and the other district councils in Dorset to create a single council for rural Dorset.

This merger makes sense from every point of view.

Article - Glysophates and Neonicotinoids

One of the features of the post-Brexit world - good or bad according to taste - will be that we will need to start making a range of decisions in London about environmental issues which have been, during the past few decades, increasingly made in Brussels.