I understand that, last Friday, some intrepid volunteers were planting bee-friendly seeds in the Borough Gardens in Bridport.

The Borough Gardens are a rather wonderful spot, and I am sure that everybody in Bridport is delighted to hear that work is being done to increase the attractiveness of these Gardens to bees which can help to sustain the ecology of the Gardens through pollination.

It is also good to know that this is part of a nationwide programme to create little “bee worlds”.

Gardens are wonderful things: they are a balm to the spirit and their restful beauty immeasurably enhances our lives.  Nothing does more than wild flowers to lift the quality of a garden.  But biodiversity is also important in itself, since we want to live in a world which contains a rich multitude of species, not a world where nature is reduced to being single dimensional.

So there is everything to be said for planting wildflower sites in places like the Borough Gardens – where bees can flourish and people can spend tranquil moments surrounded by many diverse species of plants.

I gather that Bridport is joining a club of towns and cities including Belfast, Bath, Gloucester and York in this endeavour.

That sounds like good company for a small rural town to keep.