Article - Thank you

As this is the first column I have written since the general election, it would be remiss of me not to begin by thanking the 33,000 electors who voted for me and by assuring the 27,000 electors who voted for somebody else that, as always, I look forward to taking up cases on behalf of individual

Article - attracting tourism

One of my favourite Greek philosophers is a little known fellow called Eubulides of Miletus. To tell the truth, the aforesaid Eubulides would be pretty much unknown to posterity were it not for the fact that he pre-occupied himself with heaps of sand (known in ancient Greek as “sorites”).

Article - Governing countries is a serious business

Governing countries is a serious business - because the wellbeing of great numbers of citizens depends upon it. But there is no direct relationship between the importance of an activity and the amount of interest it can generate.

Article - calm and settled attitude of utter defiance

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in this column about the statue that has been erected on the Embankment outside the Ministry of Defence to honour those who served their country in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Article - The Budget and West Dorset

There can have been few periods in our modern political history which have witnessed so concentrated a collection of significant moments for our country as we have seen during the last couple of weeks.

Article - Monuments

The windows of my offices in Westminster look out over the Embankment and the corner of the Palace of Westminster itself that serves as the Speakers House.

Theresa May Florence Speech

It’s good to be here in this great city of Florence today at a critical time in the evolution of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Self-Driving Lorries

Self-driving lorries will be trialed on England’s motorways