Article - Maintaining normality

Life in Westminster at present is, for obvious reasons, rather surreal. Quite apart from the Brexit elephant that dominates the room, there are all sorts of strange events happening - including more elections per month of various different kinds than anyone would normally expect. 

Article - The High Street

It is often very difficult to discern when a trend of a particular kind is reversible and when it has become irreversible. The floor of the sea is littered with the wrecks of numerous predictions that have turned out to be falsified by the future that followed them.

Article - The Future of the new Council

As I write this column, while travelling from London to Dorset early on Friday morning, the votes cast in Thursday’s local elections in our neck of the woods have yet to be counted. So I can’t comment on the results.

Article - The Future of Brexit

At the time of writing this column, and given the pace at which events are occurring at present, I cannot predict what situation our country will find itself in, at a time when you, dear reader, are reading it.