Article - The Future of the new Council

As I write this column, while travelling from London to Dorset early on Friday morning, the votes cast in Thursday’s local elections in our neck of the woods have yet to be counted. So I can’t comment on the results.

Article - The Future of Brexit

At the time of writing this column, and given the pace at which events are occurring at present, I cannot predict what situation our country will find itself in, at a time when you, dear reader, are reading it. 

Article - Brexit and Parliament

We have had another couple of tumultuous weeks in Parliament. And the one thing that can be confidently predicted is that, though some things have become clearer, there will still be months of difficulty and debate ahead of us, before the great issue of Brexit is finally resolved. 

Article - Climate change

Often enough, in this column, I have sought to draw attention away from the national news of the day and to focus instead on aspects of the real life that is being led by all of us in the towns and villages of West Dorset. 

Article - "The Independent Group" (TIG)

It’s not every day of the week, or every week of the year, or even every year in the century that a new political party is born in Britain. 

Nor is the birth of every new party shortly followed by an opinion poll suggesting that it has 14% of the national vote before it is a week old.