Article - Flu jabs and vaccinations

Normally, my criteria for including a particular topic in this column are that it should be reasonably topical and possibly of interest to readers in our part of the world. 

Article - Remembering Jeremy Heywood

Normally, on a Friday morning, I set off from London at the crack of dawn in order to be in West Dorset by breakfast time so that I can get in a full day of meetings and surgeries.

Article - Local Council Unification

As any regular reader of this column will know, I have written on several occasions over the past few years about the coming unification of the County Council and a set of District Councils, including our own West Dorset District Council into a single “unitary” council for rural Dorset. 

Article - the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project

Last Friday, I found myself doing something that people normally do only in their own gardens: planting trees. 

But, on this occasion, the trees in question were not being planted in my garden. They were being planted at Dorset County Hospital and at Damers School in Dorchester. 

Article - Local schools

I was delighted to see, the other day, that Dorset schools in general, and West Dorset schools in particular, had performed well in the new measures of both educational attainment and educational progress.

Article - Tin tabernacle

After nearly a quarter of a Century as the local MP, I sometimes suffer from the illusion that nothing in West Dorset will now be able to surprise me. But, whenever this illusory feeling sets in it doesn’t take long for something to strip the illusion away. 

Article - Offsetting carbon emissions

Saturday 13 October may mean many things to many people. No doubt, for some, it is a significant birthday or anniversary, for others the day of a happy wedding or a sad funeral.

But, for Bridport’s Community Orchard, it is ‘Apple Day’ - the 11th of its kind.  

Article - Housing

I saw recently, with some delight, that the Garmans Field Community Land Trust in Lyme Regis had been nominated for the affordable housing scheme of the year award. 

Article - Rural enterprise

I see, with delight, the news that the National Lottery has awarded a tidy little sum to Thorncombe Village Shop to fund improvements that will make the shop an even more attractive location for the locals to gather at than it is already.