Article - Truth vs Fiction

In my last column, I remarked on the degree to which only bad news is news - and the extent to which this has the effect of removing good news from most of the media most of the time. 

Article - Good vs Bad News

Have you ever had the feeling, when reading national newspapers or listening to the radio or watching the TV - or, indeed, receiving news through websites or social media - the world is composed entirely of bad news?

Article - Dementia Support

Mercifully, I have never found myself short of water when crossing a desert - and I have not therefore, had the experience of seeing a pool of water that turned out on closer inspection to be nothing more than a mirage.

Article - Local Councils

I hope that this may be the very last occasion upon which I feel moved to write in this column about local government reorganisation in Dorset.

Article - Local Healthcare

As I write this column, I am on the way to one of my regular meetings with the Chair and the Chief Executive of Dorset County Hospital. 

Over the years, these meetings have taken many forms. 

Article - Local Government Reorganisation

I am writing this column not many hours before Parliament debates the Statutory Instrument which (if passed) will trigger the reorganisation of local government in Dorset.

Article - Local Elections

As I write this column, votes are still being counted for the local elections. 

We in West Dorset were not amongst those called upon to vote. But there are two bets I am willing to make.