Article - Military Action and the role of Parliament

As I write this article, sitting in the House of Commons after returning from meetings with the Communist Party hierarchy in Beijing, I do not yet know what my readers might well know by the time they are reading this – namely, what action, if any, the UK will have taken in Syria following the de

Article - Salisbury

The ghastly fate of Mr Skripal and his daughter (and, of course, a British policeman) seems particularly close to home if one lives not many miles away from Salisbury. 

Article - Parliament

Last week, in Westminster, marked the anniversary of the senseless attack on innocent civilians and the more purposeful effort to attack Parliament, in which PC Keith Palmer died in the line of duty.

Article - Winter Roads

At the time when I was writing last week's column, I was stuck in London, unable to find a clear path to West Dorset. 

Article - Forces of Nature

I normally write this column in, or on my way to, Dorset after a week spent in Parliament

Article - Organ Donation

I don’t often write in this column about specific pieces of legislation going through Parliament – because this is not a political column, and legislation in Parliament obviously has a significant tendency to become highly politicised.

Article - Renovations

Last week, the House of Commons voted to remove itself and the House of Lords entirely from the Palace of Westminster in 2025 so that the whole, antiquated and dangerous system of wires and pipes of every kind that have gradually accumulated since Barry and Pugin constructed this great edifice ca

Article - First Responders

I have never known why the 1st of April took on the unenviable role of being April Fool's Day. Indeed, come to think of it, I don't remotely understand why there is such a thing as April Fool's Day in the first place. 

Article - Retirement Living

Last week, I had the delightful task of opening a very nice new building in Bridport, which contains flats designed to suit elderly people who want to maintain complete independence and to continue owning their own home, but also want the peace of mind that comes from having a manager on site and