Article - Party Conferences

One of the many joys that come with leaving Ministerial Office is that I no longer have any official obligation to attend the Conservative Party Conference – or indeed, any other party conference.

Article - A303

Rather more than 20 years ago, when I was getting ready to be a candidate for the first time in a West Dorset election, I drew up a list of local issues that I thought were likely to concern the electors of West Dorset in the years ahead.

Article - apprenticeships

Last week, I referred to the Melplash Show.

This week, I see that the Melplash Agricultural Society has awarded a set of handsome bursaries for young men and women who are training for the agro-industries.

Article - local agricultural shows

Late August and early September seem to be the parts of the year when our local agricultural shows - at Melplash and Dorchester - take place.

Article - Anthony Nolan

A constituent wrote to me recently about blood.

Being of a somewhat squeamish disposition, I find this a difficult topic to discuss. But the enquiry was a serious one - as it was about blood cancer which remains as a serious killer.

Article - Gardens

A few days ago, my wife and I, alongside a steady trickle of other people, were visiting a West Dorset garden that was open under one of these splendid schemes that provide so much pleasure to so many by enabling us to wander round a patch of earth that has been lovingly tended by its owners.

Article - volunteers enhancing our safety

The variability of the weather in our island's is, of course, legendary. We all grow up with the knowledge that, in contrast to some other parts of the world, you can't rely on anything other than continuous change when it comes to predicting what the heavens will send us from day to day.

Article - Thank you

As this is the first column I have written since the general election, it would be remiss of me not to begin by thanking the 33,000 electors who voted for me and by assuring the 27,000 electors who voted for somebody else that, as always, I look forward to taking up cases on behalf of individual

Article - attracting tourism

One of my favourite Greek philosophers is a little known fellow called Eubulides of Miletus. To tell the truth, the aforesaid Eubulides would be pretty much unknown to posterity were it not for the fact that he pre-occupied himself with heaps of sand (known in ancient Greek as “sorites”).