Article - Ancient rural habits can help us prosper in the new world

One of the marvellous things about West Dorset is the unexpected enterprises that one finds flourishing in the most unlikely places.

Last week I visited an out-of-the-way farmhouse near Beaminster to discuss the availability of high-speed broadband.

Article - Local Tourism

The sky above me as I write this article is largely composed of a thick layer of rather threatening clouds, and there have been several showers over the last couple of hours – so I suspect that South West Britain is in for a rainy day.

Article - Change

I don’t know whether readers of this column will share my view that, over the past few weeks, history has been made at a rather more rapid rate than usual.  But that is certainly how it appears to be.

Article - Waste

 don’t know, Dear Reader, what your candidate would be for the feature of our world whose importance is most out of line with its romantic appeal.  My candidate for this unenviable accolade is Waste...

Article - Learning about Democracy

Over the last few weeks, several West Dorset schools have sent parties of their pupils to visit Parliament. Some of these, I have met in order to be interrogated by the pupils – though in one case, they happened to arrive just as a series of votes were taking place and my Parliamentary Assistant therefore had to take my place...

Article - Charminster Bridge

I was delighted, a few days ago, to be present at the official opening of the new bridge at Charminster...

Article - Local Talent

What have Thomas Hardy, the Channel Islands and majorettes got to do with one another?

Article - Queen has unfailingly and selflessly served our country

There are many things going on in the world just at present. Some of them are crises and some of them are problems. Some are soluble and some are very difficult to solve. It right that we should focus a huge amount of attention on these and they do indeed occupy a large proportion media news coverage at any one time.

Article - restoration

A few days ago, I had the great delight of visiting a constituent who has a vision.
The constituent in question is a resident of Tolpuddle, and his vision is wholly benign. He, and some other intrepid promoters are planning to restore a wonderful little chapel in Tolpuddle.