Article - Councils

I wish I had a Pound for every time that someone in West Dorset had asked me or told me something about "the Council".

Article - BBC Travel Website

It is dangerous to speculate about the experiences of large numbers of people you have never met; but I would be willing to make a small bet that almost all the readers of this column will at some time in the not too distant past have experienced some form of disruption to their travel around Wes


I saw recently a report in one newspaper suggesting that my friend, George Osborne, has begun to write a book about ‘The Age of Unreason’.  I haven’t yet had a chance to ask George whether this report is accurate – but various events recently have made me think that he may be on to something.

Post Offices

Recently, there was a good deal of anxiety in Dorchester about the possible closure of the post office at Victoria Park.

This particular issue has now gone away, as it has now been decided that the post office in Victoria Park will remain open.

Article - AEA Technology

THIS week I opened a debate in the House of Commons on the strange case of the advice given to members of the AEA Technology pension scheme.

I have been involved with constituents who are members of this pension scheme for several years. This is an issue that just won't go away.

Article - Local food can match anything round the world

As any reader who happens to glance at this column on a regular basis will have observed, I have often used it to celebrate the remarkable renaissance of good food that has occurred in West Dorset over the past couple of decades.