Article - Charminster Bridge

I was delighted, a few days ago, to be present at the official opening of the new bridge at Charminster...

Article - Local Talent

What have Thomas Hardy, the Channel Islands and majorettes got to do with one another?

Article - Queen has unfailingly and selflessly served our country

There are many things going on in the world just at present. Some of them are crises and some of them are problems. Some are soluble and some are very difficult to solve. It right that we should focus a huge amount of attention on these and they do indeed occupy a large proportion media news coverage at any one time.

Article - restoration

A few days ago, I had the great delight of visiting a constituent who has a vision.
The constituent in question is a resident of Tolpuddle, and his vision is wholly benign. He, and some other intrepid promoters are planning to restore a wonderful little chapel in Tolpuddle.

Article - preserving and modernising our heritage

I was delighted to hear a few days ago that the Museum in Bridport has received a very considerable grant, enabling its splendid old buildings to be thoroughly refurbished.

As well as enhancing the experience of those who visit museums, this is a notable contribution towards preserving, and in the best sense, modernising our heritage.

Article - Apprenticeships

There is quite a fashion nowadays for having days or weeks to celebrate particular things.  I can’t say that I am in general a huge fan of this tendency.  But it does sometime serve to highlight something really important that might otherwise remain below the radar.I think this does apply to last week – which was Apprenticeship Week.

Article - Rural Schools

So much has been going on in the world recently that a reader of this column could be forgiven for not having noticed an item that will very probably be of lasting significance to West Dorset...

Article - Recognition

It seems a long time since I first arrived in West Dorset just over twenty years ago.  Much water has flowed under many bridges (and indeed much water has got stuck when not flowing through many bridges) since then. But, all through that period, there have been two constant factors.  My tireless agent, Antony Stanley, and my equally indefatigable constituency secretary, Angela Charles, have been with me from the very first moment...

Article - Police and Crime Commissioners

Recently, a great deal of attention has inevitably and rightly been focussed on the extraordinarily important referendum to be held on 23 June.    It's easy to forget, as a result, that we will also be going to the polls on 5 May. In much of the UK, the May elections will be high profile -- electing not only mayors and local councils but also the Parliament in Scotland and the Assembly in Wales...  

Article - The future of our country

In the coming weeks, the future direction of our country -- or, at any rate, the background conditions for the future direction of our country -- will be set. How often in one lifetime does that happen?