Hopes for 2013

For all sorts of reasons which everyone knows, 2012 has been a tough year for Britain (and indeed for most other parts of the world).

There is no point in pretending that 2013 is suddenly going to produce unlimited quantities of milk and honey either.  Many of the same issues that have faced us this year will still be posing challenges over the next 12 months, as we take action to reduce our national deficit, rebalance our economy, reform our public services and preserve our environment.

But I think there are real grounds for hope on every count.

The inherent strengths of our country are very great.  We are a nation with more than sufficient skill, courage and perseverance to compete in, and to succeed in the global race.  We are also people with high aspirations – and we are lucky to live in a stable, liberal democracy that has the capacity to enable its people to fulfil those aspirations.

It has always seemed to me that Britain is at her best when dealing with adversity.  We have come through many much darker periods with great aplomb – and there is every reason to hope that 2013 will mark the beginning of another such recovery for England.

Blackmore Vale Magazine