MP Letwin becomes parliamentary ambassador for Breast Cancer Now charity

Courtesy of the Dorset Echo

4:02pm Sunday 26th July 2015

By Lee Irving

WEST Dorset MP Oliver Letwin has been announced as an ambassador for a recently launched breast cancer charity.

Mr Letwin has been appointed as a parliamentary ambassador for the Breast Cancer Now charity.

He joins 185 MPs across the country who have pledged their support to the organisation, which is the largest breast cancer charity in the United Kingdom.

As part of the role as ambassador, he will continue to raise awareness with both fellow politicians and constituents about the fight against the killer illness and how more is needed to be done in the fight against it.

Mr Letwin, who has been the constituency MP since 1997, said: “Too many women are still dying from breast cancer in the UK. We must act now if we are to finally put an end to deaths from the disease and I am therefore very proud to support Breast Cancer Now and their bold 2050 ambition.

“Together, we urgently need to put the spotlight back on this dreadful disease locally and nationally.

“By becoming a Breast Cancer Ambassador, I will ensure that action is taken on behalf of the women and families affected by breast cancer within the local community of West Dorset.”

Nearly 12,000 women are still dying from breast cancer each year in the UK – an average of 18 women a year in each constituency. Breast Cancer Now will be working closely with the 185 Breast Cancer Ambassadors to help them take action to tackle breast cancer in their constituencies and in Parliament, and to ensure that the UK’s most common cancer remains high on the political agenda.

A spokesman for Breast Cancer Now said it believes that by bringing together the “brightest, boldest and most influential policymakers, scientists, fundraisers and campaigners across the country”, it believes that by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live – but only if immediate action is taken.

Breast Cancer Now – the new charity created from the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer – launched in June 2015, aiming to unite everybody affected by the disease to ensure that we are the generation that finally stops women dying from it.


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