MP takes up cause of the No 47 bus service

Courtesy of Dorset Echo  (12/06/14)

WEST Dorset MP Oliver Letwin has written an open letter to Dorset County Council on the troubled 47 bus service.

Mr Letwin is urging Spencer Flower, county council leader, to reconsider the issue which he says is ‘of considerable concern.’ The county council is working to find a solution for the Bridport to Yeovil service in the morning and evening. But Mr Letwin said this could leave a gap on non-college days.

He said: “I know that Dorset County Council is working hard with Yeovil College and Somerset County Council to try to put together a package of funding that will support continuation of morning and evening services for the 47 from Bridport to Yeovil and vice versa. “I also welcome the fact that this, combined with the new Damory service in the middle of the day and its connection with the 99 should provide a reasonable level of service on days when Yeovil College is operating.

“However, I remain very concerned about the ability of my constituents in Bridport to reach Yeovil on days when Yeovil College is not operating, and I am afraid that I really don’t believe the new Damory service will be of much help in the absence of a morning and evening service on those days.”