Oliver Letwin visited St Mary’s Middle School in Puddletown

Courtesy of the Dorset Echo

TWO MPs visited schools in Dorset yesterday to support a campaign to bring education to children living in war-torn countries.

The ‘Send My Friend to School’ initiative is run annually to bring education to some of the 37 million children currently living in areas affected by conflict or natural disasters.

West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin visited St Mary’s Middle School in Puddletown to speak to more than 250 students from the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership.


Mr Letwin said: “We take it for granted in this country that every child will have a place at school and, increasingly, we are able to ensure that our children have access to good or outstanding schools.

“But we should never forget that there are huge numbers of children still denied access to any school at all in other parts of the world and changing that is one of the great aims of our overseas aid programme.

“I’m delighted that Dorset pupils are taking such a lively interest in this massively important issue.”

Nicole Burridge, senior learning assistant, said it was “very nice” to have Mr Letwin supporting the campaign.

Both Mr Drax and Mr Letwin will deliver the rucksacks made by the children to the Prime Minister in order to raise awareness of the issue.


Schools interested in taking part in the campaign can sign up for a free pack at sendmyfriend.org.