Oliver Letwin Visits Bridport Recycling Centre

Courtesy of Wessex FM

Oliver Letwin was in Bridport on Friday to visit the new Broomhills household recycling centre.

The West Dorset MP was taken on a tour of the facility by representatives from the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) including Cllr Anthony Alford, chairman of the DWP Joint Committee.

Speaking to Wessex FM, Mr Letwin said: "Recycling is very important to me because we can't fulfill our various environmental bills unless more people recycle. We need to create a circular economy where we continue to use things in intelligent ways, instead of simply throwing waste away and hoping for the best."

"My experience going around Dorset schools is that young people are particularly aware of this sort of thing. It's all those of us who grew up at a time when it wasn't something that people ever did who are most in need of getting used to the idea of recycling."

The site was first opened in October last year to replace a temporary building that's been on South Street since 1998. It's since gone on to win a number of prestigious design awards by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

David Diaz, Property Commissioning Manager for the Dorset Waste Parnership, said: "It's been a difficult ride and we've had to do a lot of hard work in terms of trying to find the most suitable location, and how to design this facility so that it doesn't impact on the local environment and those who live close to the site. We're really proud of what we've achieved."

The Dorset Waste Partnership recycles around 60 per cent of the material it collects each year and is now planning to create a similar facility in the Blandford area.

Cllr Anthony Alford told Wessex FM: "We've got an example here in Bridport of something that works well. The Blandford idea is still in its early stages but it may be something similar to what you see here."