Oliver welcomes improved mobile coverage for Portesham

SURE SIGNAL: Phone mast which brings coverage to village for first time warmly welcomed

Courtesy of the Dorset Echo

11:00am Tuesday 26th May 2015

A NEWLY switched-on mobile phone mast that has brought mobile phone coverage to a west Dorset village for the first time has been warmly welcomed by residents.

Vodafone announced today that it has gone live on the newly built phone mast in Portesham and would see the village have reliable 3G and 4G coverage for the first time.

The mast was built as part of the Government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) and now allows local businesses, residents and visitors to Portesham to receive reliable phone signal and also connect to the internet.

The new mobile phone mast will provide coverage for all operators and has been welcomed by members of the village after they suffered years of being unable to receive a reliable signal Michele Harding, clerk to the Chesil Bank Parish Council which includes the village, said: “Everybody on the whole is very pleased with the coverage that we are getting.

“It makes us all much more accessible and brings us into the 21st century. The mast works for all of the mobile phone operators, but we are still having trouble receiving EE signal and hopefully that will be sorted out soon.

“Obviously, there are some people who do not like the look of it but the outcome of it and the reception we are now getting is a benefit for the while village and the surrounding area.”

Marsha White, chairman of the Portesham Parish in the Chesil Bank Parish Council, said: “The mobile phone mast has been completely welcomed because we had no phone signal at all before.

“I have just got myself an iPhone because of the mast and it’s been great and we are all very happy with it.

“I haven’t met one person in the village who isn’t happy about having the mast here, the fact we have now got signal outweighs the problem of actually having a mast and what it looks like.”

MIP is a nationwide Government-backed and funded project that aims to extend mobile phone coverage to areas where there is none.

MP for West Dorset Oliver Letwin also welcomed the new phone mast. He said: “I warmly welcome the news that Vodafone has brought mobile coverage to Portesham.

“This will be a major boost for people and businesses, giving them access to the mobile internet and all the benefits it brings.”

Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer for Vodafone UK, added: “Our improvements in Portesham will ensure our customers enjoy stronger outdoor and indoor coverage, whilst 4G will help local businesses react faster to the needs of their customers and introduce remote working practices for staff, which can help reduce costs and increase productivity.”