Residents petitioning for 30mph limit on 'dangerous' stretch of A352

Dorset Echo


ACTION is ‘urgently needed’ before someone is killed speeding along a ‘dangerous’ stretch of road, residents are warning.

People living in Forston near Charminster are petitioning for a 30mph limit following a series of accidents on the A352.

The current limit is 60mph, but they say this is ‘perverse’ given the narrow, zig-zagging nature of the road and its lack of verges.

Gill Reese, who started the petition, says it is impossible for residents to walk between each other’s houses or to the post box.

She said that she has had to drive to her neighbour’s houses to gather signatures for the petition, rather than risk being hit by a car.

Three residents, the chairman of Charminster Parish Council and another parish councillor have met with West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin to discuss what can be done.

Mrs Reese said: “It’s a zig-zag road with lots of blind bends in it.

“People are using it as a race track. Just up the road, two residents are continually having motorists going off the road and ending up on their properties.

“Thankfully nobody has been hurt yet.

“But they are travelling at a dangerous speed.

“It is just a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.”

She added: “There’s no way residents in Forston can walk to each other’s houses or to the post box.

“We are between Godmanstone and Charminster, which does have a speed limit.

“And this particular stretch of road is much narrower.”

She said that drivers are failing to employ ‘common sense’ when using the road and go right up to the speed limit despite the obvious dangers.

She added that it’s a ‘no-go area’ for horse riders and dangerous for people who want to commute to work by bike.

Local residents are asked to attend the next Parish Council meeting on March 4 to air their views.