Dorset Echo




There is, rightly, an enormous and increasing focus these days on consumer rights and on businesses that provide poor service for the customer.


This is definitely useful, in that it keeps people on their toes and - together with competition - tends to raise the quality of what is provided.


But there is a danger that, amidst all the lurid reports of failures on the part of businesses to provide good service, we lose sight of the fact that there are multitudes of businesses of all sizes and shapes providing brilliant service.


I had a very striking experience of this phenomenon in Dorchester on Friday.


Following a meeting with constituents about a traffic problem on a particular road in Dorchester, I returned to my car which was parked in Charles Street. A very helpful man whom I happen to know kindly pointed out to me that my rear nearside tyre was almost entirely deflated.


Luckily, I had just a few minutes in hand before the next meeting and recalled that there is a tyre replacement service very nearby. I was somewhat concerned that it might take rather too long to deal with the problem, and also concerned that I would be in for large and unexpected expenditure on a new tyre.


In the event, neither of these fears were in any way fulfilled. The tyre was examined. A nail was found immediately. The nail was removed. The tyre was repaired. The wheel was placed back in position. I was charged the grand sum of £14.40, and the whole operation was completed in not much more than ten minutes from start to finish.


When I next hear a terrible tale of service failure, I shall recall this incident as a useful antidote.