No Second Referendum

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Clearly, events are moving at a fairly rapid pace, and the situation is very fluid. 

However, I do not believe that any kind of referendum would be a good way of resolving the challenges we currently face. 

As the Archbishop of Canterbury has pointed out, a further referendum would be highly divisive.  The result of it is entirely unpredictable – notwithstanding the confidence that some people have displayed in making predictions.  It is altogether possible that we would be left with an answer no more decisive than in the first place, whichever way the majority fell.   And it is extremely difficult to see how we would avoid a very large section of the population feeling even more disenchanted than at present with the whole process.

I am therefore firmly persuaded that the job of Parliament under these circumstances is to arrive at a solution that will be accepted by our EU partners and will receive majority support in the House of Commons so that we can have a smooth and orderly exit in line with the result of the first referendum but respecting the fact that many people voted to remain, and therefore obtaining, so far as possible, a continuation of the trading relationships that have contributed to our prosperity.

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