Overseas Domestic Workers and Abusive Employers

Thank you for contacting me about Overseas Domestic Workers.
I appreciate your concern on this issue. I can assure you that I am fully supportive of ensuring that Overseas Domestic Workers are protected and we are currently considering the House of Lords vote on this issue
I do believe that we need to ensure that any solution does not allow abuse by employers who are treating vulnerable women and children as slaves to simply continue. We are concerned that simply accepting the Lord's amendment may not be the best approach, an opinion shared by the National Policing Lead for Modern Slavery, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer. It is possible that if Overseas Domestic Workers are allowed to simply change employer and never report their abuse, those perpetrators will get away with their crime and exploit others. Similarly, the Overseas Domestic Worker visa is tailored for a visitor, and should not be used as a way in which workers can enter the UK, repeat their application indefinitely and after a period of five years have the right to remain.
I am sure you will be encouraged to know that the Home Secretary has asked James Ewins, a specialist adviser to the pre-legislative scrutiny Committee for the Modern Slavery Bill, and a member of the steering committee for the Modern Slavery Bill Evidence Review Panel, to carry out a review into Overseas Domestic Workers which will be published at the end of July.
Action can then be taken in the next Parliament at any stage based on the recommendations. I believe that this is an important measure to ensure that a solution is reached which achieves both the protection of Overseas Domestic Workers and a system that means their abusers are likely to be caught and punished.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.