The Tenancies (Reform) Bill

Thank you for contacting me about the Tenancies (Reform) Bill.

I am fully aware of the problem of retaliatory evictions. We have been working out how to best tackle this issue and I am pleased that we support Sarah Teather’s Bill, in principle, to outlaw revenge evictions.

As you know, the Bill would ensure that tenants do not face the prospect of losing their home simply because they’ve asked for essential repairs to be made. It will also extend existing restrictions on a landlord’s power to evict, where they don’t protect a deposit or have a licence they are required to hold, to situations where a health and safety hazard has been identified by environmental health officers. It also builds on a range of Government measures to empower tenants and ensure they get a fair deal without introducing excessive regulation on the private rented sector which would force up rents, cut investment in new housing and reduce choice for tenants.

The private rental sector provides a home to 9 million people across the country and we are determined to root out the minority of rogue landlords that give it a bad name. That is why we have given councils £6.7 million to tackle rogue landlords in their area. Alongside this, a new Model Tenancy Agreement has also been announced which will help tenants to agree longer tenancies with their landlords to give them more stability. In addition, a new industry Code of Practice will make clear the legal requirements and best practice, leaving landlords in no doubt about their responsibilities to their tenants.

The Tenancies (Reform) Bill is due to have its second reading on the 28 November and I will continue to follow its progress closely.